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Rajasthan, the largest state In India area wise, was formed by merging 22 princely states and centrally administered areas of Ajmer and Mewar.Rarely would you find such diversity in people, customs , cultures, costumes, music, mannerism, dialect and cuisine as you travel through this colorful state.

Indologists have traced the origin of this wonderland to the stone ages. Its ruins, relics and history speaks of the vicissitudes through which it has gone through over centuries filled with moments of glory and turbulent past.

Rajasthan as a tourist destination offers a wide and varied spectrum of interesting locations, from the grandeur of its forts, palaces, temples and havelis to the scenic beauty of lakes surrounded by the Aravali ranges to the awesome sand dunes of the vast Desert.

Rajasthan is an ancient land and has been, from time immemorial, at the forefront of activities that have had a great bearing on the historical, political as well as the cultural landscape of India. Situated in the north-western part of the country, bordering Pakistan, Rajasthan is a unique collection of paradoxes, all finely blended into a colourful concoction that leaves any visitor to this regal state bedazzled and bewildered.

On one hand you have the Thar Desert, popularly known as the Great Indian Desert, and on the other hand you have the Venice of the East, the city of lakes: Udaipur. While the 'Ship of the Desert', the camel, is found in abundance in the desert areas, the 'King of the Jungle', the tiger, roams majestically in the dense forests of Ranthambore and Sariska.

Ancient wonders like formidable fortresses, splendid palaces and serene temples stand proudly with the modern day marvels like swanky beautiful malls, all jostling for your attention. Coupled with the legendary hospitality that Rajasthan is globally acclaimed for, the state truly is a special travel destination.
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